Specialist English Plus programmes for groups

(suitable for teenagers and adults)

English Plus Surfing

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Our surfing programme has been running now for 5 years at Tynemouth Longsands, one of the most popular surfing beaches in the UK.  October is a good month to come with fine surfing conditions and an international surfing competition taking place as well.

English Plus Film-making

Lights!  Camera!  Action!  Once we teach you the skills, you and your group will create your story, make your storyboard, create props and scenery, do your shots and edit your film.  Perhaps a documentary, perhaps a fictional story?  It's up to you!  We'll teach you the English and professional film-makers will show you how.

English Plus Football

For groups of 10 or more football crazy youngsters or adults, we offer an exciting two-week course and the chance to improve footballing skills with trained coaches from Newcastle United Foundation.  Going to a Premiership match at St. James' Park is an intrinsic part of the course if you come during the Season!  Not only will you enjoy both playing and watching football, we will also teach you about correct nutrition and exercise to help you become a fit and active sportsperson.

The experience of discovering the Western world generally and England specifically starts from this school.  I have really made such unforgettable memories during my study here. Mohammed, Iraq.

English Plus Theatre Skills

Your challenge is to put on a play in 2 weeks!  With the support of professionals and a script provided by a professional playwright, your group will learn how to act, deliver your lines, make props and costumes, interpret the script, direct and produce a play.  You will also advertise your play and sell tickets before the grand performance!  Lots of interaction with local people and the whole project is fantastic for your spoken English and pronunciation.  We'll also film your play so you can show it to the folks back home.



English Plus TV Presenter Skills

If you've ever fancied reading the news on TV, this is the course for you.  Alongside your very important English lessons, we will teach you interview skills, story selection, planning and, most importantly, delivery of your news items - with training in pace, pronunciation, intonation, emphasis and clarity - - all of which will support your spoken English language skills as well as developing your confidence and presentation skills. Not only that, but we'll also take you to the local TV and radio newsrooms where you can meet real presenters, see them in action and get lots of helpful hints.  There are many interesting people who live in our town, including writers, musicians and sportspeople. You can interview them on camera and we'll film you!

English Plus Junior Reporter

If you want to improve your writing skills, this is the course for you.  English lessons in the morning (listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation of course!) and a range of activities and visits afterwards.  You'll report on local news and issues and interview local people, including visits to schools and youth clubs and to our Junior Mayor.  Find out and report on what young people are thinking and doing.  You'll also visit many of our attractions and events and write reports on those too.  It's great way to mix with local young people and produce your own newspaper.

Tailor-Made Programmes

There is so much to do and enjoy in our fantastic region.

starfishYour group could try Shepherd’s Walks in the hills of Northumberland, surfing, climbing & abseiling, extreme sports, or golf on some of the UK’s most scenic golf courses or study history and the fascinating Roman archaeology of the North, or be creative and combine English with theatre and drama, watercolour painting, photography … anything you want, even learning the violin or the Northumbrian pipes!  We can design a special programme just for you.  Just ask!